"You get to work with a lot of products since the assortment is changing"

- Tiila Torsti, Junior Buyer Deco

Hi, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Tiila Torsti and I’m 27 years old, born in Finland. Probably the only Finnish person now working at Action. I did all my studies in Finland and after graduation I decided to look for a job in the Netherlands (the classic reason for this; Dutch boyfriend). First, I lived in Amsterdam, but last September I moved to the beautiful Alkmaar.

I started as a Buying trainee 2,5 years ago in the Do It Yourself (DIY) category. After 1 year I moved to Decoration and last September I became a Junior Buyer within the same group.

What is your function within Action?

As a Junior Buyer Deco I am responsible for products such as photo frames / wall art, and I am working together with Hobbe (buyer) on interior decoration and candlesticks. In the whole deco team we have 6 people, Pieter (HOB), Hobbe, Ilse (buying assistant), Fiona (buying assistant) and Sanne (buying assistant). We have quite a big team but it is necessary since decoration is very large group. I’m really happy with my team, there is always someone  to joke around with.

Why did you decide to join Action?

I’ve always liked working in retail and I was looking for a job in the Netherlands and saw the posting on Linkedin. As soon as I read the description I though “this is what I want to do!” I was invited to an interview day where I spoke with 2 people from the buying department and a colleague from HR. After this first meeting, I did an assessment and another skype talk. My first impression of Action was very good and I agreed with the values of the company. When I was offered the traineeship I did not need to hesitate, but I took the chance right away

What makes the buying department within Action unique?

We have quite a bit of freedom in our work and you get to work with a lot of products since the assortment is changing fast. This also means a lot of responsibility but the work will never be boring.

Action is situated in Zwaagdijk, what can you tell about the office?

The office is easy to access but you do need a car; I had one when I started at Action. From Amsterdam (west) it took around 35 minutes to drive to the office and it is about the same time from Alkmaar. There is hardly any traffic jam.

The office itself is quite large. I work on the first floor in the buying room. I’m very lucky to have a seat next to the big window so I can always get some natural light. The whole buying team sits in the same room so you can always see everyone. The thing I most like about the office is how open it is.

How do you see the growth opportunities within Action?

For me the growth opportunities have been very clear. I started as a Trainee, then became a Junior Buyer and the next goal is to become a Buyer. With my manager we have also discussed the growth and what needs to be achieved to get there.

Overall there are a lot of opportunities within Action since you can also switch between different departments.

What category are you working in and what do you like about it?

I am working for the category Decoration. We are working with a lot of different products as you can see in the stores. New items are arriving every week and that keeps the work very interesting. It’s a very fast paced group and you will never get bored. I love to decorate, so finding new products is a lot of fun but we always need to keep in mind to not pick our own taste but the taste of the customers.

What are you the most proud of within your job?

I’m most proud of the assortment. In that you can really see how much work we have put in and seeing customers being happy with our products makes me proud.

I’m especially proud of my colleagues (/ the whole company), how well everyone handled the difficult year.

What should every new buyer within Action need to know?

We are growing very fast so prepare to grow a lot with the company and enjoy it!

Are you ready for a challenge within our Buying department?

Take Action!