"Never a dull moment at Action"

Who I am, what I do and when I started at Action

Hello, my name is Laura and I started working at Action at the beginning of 2018. First as a temporary worker, but due to the rapid growth there was a need for Supply Planners and I worked in that department for a year. After this, I got another temp job that ended when Action asked me to come back at the end of 2019. At the beginning of this year (2021), Action asked me if I wanted to come and work on a permanent basis. Of course I accepted that and am now a real Action employee!

I work in the Supply Chain planning department. The planning team is a mix of different people who fit well together. We are very open, informal and work hard to supply the right goods, at the right time and in the right quantity to the 10 distribution centers, 2 hubs and almost 1900 stores.

The reason I chose to work for Action

The reason I came back and decided to stay with Action was mainly because of the interesting situation Action is in. We are growing very fast, so we have to be flexible and able to switch quickly. We do that every day! Things don't always go perfectly, but thanks to the open culture, we can always ask our colleagues or managers for help or information. This way of working also gives you a lot of responsibility as a planner, but that's what I like about my job.

What surprised me the most when I came to work at Action?

Within our team we always make the same joke: 'Never a dull moment at Action'. And that has been true since day 1. There is always something going on contrary to how it should be. This can be a broken truck, but also an external system that is not working. Then we have to improvise to ensure that the daily processes continue. This keeps the work interesting, you never know what the day will bring. Even though things around transport, logistics and Corona change daily, we still manage to fill the stores with fun, handy and beautiful items every day.

The things I like most about my job

What I like about my job is that there is always something to do, it is never boring. Not only the surprising items that our buyers offer, but also the dynamics in the team. We work hard and it is a challenge every week, but we are one team. We help each other where necessary and respect our colleagues and their knowledge of the process. In addition, due to the rapid growth, there are many new projects for which we are asked as planners to support.

My biggest challenge

I believe that the biggest challenge lies in the rapid growth. As a result, we naturally also have to deal with a lot of responsibilities. For example, we now supply 10 distribution centers instead of the 9 we already had. Not an easy task, because each DC serves between 120 and 400 stores. The optimization projects we have are another challenge. We implement the results very quickly, so that we also see results quickly.

This is what I want to achieve in my work

My greatest achievement is that when I visit an Action store as a customer, I see 'my' items on the shelves. And if one is missing, I also know why it is and what I have to do the next working day!

What I like to do outside of work

To keep my focus on work, I spend as little time as possible behind a screen after work and I don't multitask for a while. I like to be outside, so I line gardening. But also like to read a book in the sun. This summer we walked almost the entire Pieterpad, which we started last summer. It's nice and easy, and therefore soothing, to walk from one village or hotel to the next with only 1 extra set of clothes, toiletries and some food for the road.

In addition to running longer distances, I also started trail running again after an injury. Trail running is running on unpaved roads, in the forest and also with a number of altimeters. My goal is to one day run an ultratrail (any distance above the marathon distance). In addition, I am getting married in November and that will of course take some time. We are preparing for a fantastic post-Covid party!

Are you ready for a challenge within our Supply Chain department?

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