Hi, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Arjen Goed. I started working for Action at the beginning of 2020 as an International Payroll Expert. Currently I coordinate the payroll and support activities for several countries.

Why did you choose to work at Action?

I was looking for a new challenge, working for a different company than what I was used to. I’m surely not disappointed, and working a bicycle ride a way is certainly a great plus! Having the interviews with Action showed me the diversity in work and all the opportunities like working on ‘’new countries’’ and automating processes.

What surprised you the most when starting at Action?

Brutal efficiency and effectiveness (cost conscious). A large retailer looks so simple on the surface, when all you know is the store you frequently visit. I had no idea how much goes into being able to offer what Action offers their customers. All this aspect you will find back in your daily job in challenges and opportunities.

What do you like the most about your job?

There is a great variety in my work, I run payrolls but I’m also involved in project. Besides that there is ample room for my own initiatives. Having the freedom to pursue my own idea’s with plenty of backing from the organization is a great “benefit”. I work on a lot of projects,

What is your biggest challenge?

Given the broad scope of my work, combined with my own initiatives, managing my priorities and time needs to constantly be top of mind.

What do you want to achieve within this role?

(Robotic Process) Automation is something I really want to pick up; there is so much untapped potential in this area, and I’m sure it could benefit the entire organization.

What are you proud of the most?

I generally am most proud, when I see my team members flourish and achieve what they wanted to achieve. Tackling the difficult tasks together and making it all work just puts a smile on my face.

Why should you join Action as a Payroll Specialist?

Action offers so many challenges and there is so much to do, meanwhile Action continues to grow. This makes your work so interesting. From the Netherlands we are running the payroll for all countries that we are active in, this means a lot of contact with Country Managers and payroll providers. Also we have a great and fun international team with colleagues who are always willing to help each other. Plus, I guess I already mentioned it before but, you have a lot of growth opportunities both horizontal and vertical.