Your colleagues

One of the most important things you want to know about a new job: who will I be working with? With 65,000 employees all over Europe, it is difficult to provide a good answer. As long as you like the same action as we do and like to keep things simple, we have got a job for you.

Just as diverse as our customers

Our employees are also our customers. Because everyone buys at Action, and everyone can work there. We consider differences in cultural background, gender or age enrichments to our organisation. Today, 129 nationalities work at our stores, distribution centres and offices. And we are proud of the fact that more people from all over the globe want to work for our company every year.

A job for everyone

Action likes to invest in a good working environment for our employees. We offer people the chance to start their career, switch careers, re-enter the arena or combine work with education or caring for family. Irrespective of age, background or education. As a modern employer, we offer flexible contracts, varying from a couple of hours a week to fulltime employment.

Very happy employees

We can talk about how much fun it is to work for Action all we want, but our own employees know best. That is why we regularly conduct an employee satisfaction survey, the “Voice of Action”, where each employee is able to share his or her opinion (anonymously) on various subjects. The most recent survey had a participation rate of 92% and 88% said they feel involved in the organisation.