Customer focus is paramount! You really feel the values of the company

- Lotte, Customer Service Representative

Hi, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Lotte and I have been working as a Customer Service Representative for the Netherlands, Flanders, Germany and Austria since October 2020.

Why did you start working at Action?

Unfortunately, I lost my job in 2020 thanks to COVID-19. I worked in a small hotel in Enkhuizen as a receptionist. Due to corona, the hotel had to close and my contract could not be extended. Then I started looking for a job in which I can express my qualities: contact with customers or guests and use my language skills. The position of Customer Service Representative for Germany immediately appealed to me!

What surprised you the most when you started?

The fact that every day is different keeps it diverse and challenging. In addition, it was a bit odd to start from home. Thanks to the Huddle, a daily meeting with the team, it was still easy to ask colleagues for help and get to know each other. That was very nice!

What do you like most about your customer service job?

What I really like is that you can genuinely offer customers a listening ear. This is very important in our work, because the customer often hangs up with a better feeling after the conversation. In addition, it helps us to clarify the question or complaint. When a customer is happy with my help, it gives me a great feeling and challenges me to keep improving myself. The variety of questions keeps it interesting.

What do you find most challenging?

It is a challenge to have contact with customers in other countries such as Germany and Austria. Since German is not my native language, I was a little nervous at first and I worried that they might not understand me. As I went to work, of course, it became more and more comfortable. Recently, a client even told me that she really liked my Dutch accent. That really gave me a good feeling, after which I no longer felt insecure about my accent.

What career opportunities do you see within Action?

When you start with customer service, you begin with answering mail and telephone. After a couple months, a phone call came in regarding a dangerous situation. Because I picked it up well at the time, I was given the opportunity to further develop my expertise in more threatening situations. As a result, you continue to grow in your work.

What makes working at Action unique?

No day is the same and every day remains challenging. The questions change together with the changing assortment and growth of Action.

What should every new college know?

Customer focus is paramount! You really feel the values ​​of the company. It is therefore good to delve into what Action stands for.