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Working in Logistics & Supply chain

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6,000 different items. 150 new products every week. In over 2,000 stores throughout Europe. A guaranteed pleasant surprise to our customers, a huge challenge to our logistics team!   

Logistics is our life!

Currently we have 11 distribution centres in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland in order to organise our supplies as efficiently as possible. Our distribution centres work with the most amazing technology. Such as voice picking, advanced order picking trucks and double-decker trucks. Whether you are a truck driver, order picker, reach truck driver or team lead; everyone in our logistics team is equally important and a vital link in Action’s success.

Why work at Action?

  • A fast-growing and stable company
  • Flexible hours, day and night
  • A top-notch team with fun colleagues
  • A lot of growth opportunities

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No experience? No problem!

No experience in logistics yet? Just apply! We will train you and support you on the job. Are you an independent worker with an entrepreneurial mindset who likes clarity? Our distribution centre welcomes you with open roller doors!

Colleagues’ perspective

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