"What could be better than a young, growing, international company like Action!"

Who I am, what I do and when I started at Action

I am Jarno Conte, born in Italy and living in Amsterdam for 19 years now. I have been working in logistics and supply chain for 25 years, with experience in the worlds of fashion, high-tech, services and mechanics. I came to work at Action on June 1, 2021.

The reason I chose to work for Action

Because of my broad experience I was looking for a suitable job, so that I can use my talent optimally. I was looking for a dynamic company, in the retail world and what could be better than a young, growing, international company like Action!

What surprised me the most when I came to work at Action?

I was surprised how the onboarding was arranged, especially because we were in the middle of the pandemic when I started. The colleagues who trained me were and are always available, in person at the office or online.

The things I like most about my job

I like that I work with multiple departments and suppliers, from Purchasing and Logistics to the sales representative. The freedom to make decisions is also very important. And that the output of my work is visible every day. I have realized this since day one.

My biggest challenge

I miss personal contact with colleagues. I really like direct contact and that is difficult at the moment due to the situation that Corona has caused. And that sometimes in order to get information, I have to look in different places.

This is what I want to achieve in my work

I want to become an example for Supply Planning. Forming a 'cross-department team' in which all parties are involved. And I like to simplify processes so that we find new ways of working that makes life easier, processes run more smoothly and bureaucracy becomes a thing of the past.

What I like to do outside of work

Connecting with people, seeing how differences can be the glue of a society. Acting, I am a semi-professional actor. Traveling (my dream is a nice journey by train to Asia!) Cycling/racing/spinning and skiing.

I am most proud of (related to work or personal aspirations)

The fact that I can also build a good atmosphere in challenging situations.

Others learn to separate personal feelings from work and make them see that the goal is to 'get the job done quickly and efficiently'. This improves relationships between team members.

I have been leading some project for planning tools in my previous work. As a result, I am a reference point and example of how projects should be managed and how the result can improve workflow/workload.

Sometimes people stop me in the street because they recognize me as an 'actor' and because they have seen me in a play 😊.

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