"There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow in the organization"

Who I am, what I do and when I started at Action

I’m Aziza Jahangier. I started in August 2019 as a GL controller for Germany and since February 2020 I am responsible for Austria as well.

The reason I chose to work at Action

Action is a growing company with lots of opportunities to develop yourself via gaining experience and various trainings. You can also grow by getting promoted to a new role at your department or another department within Action. The office is close to my house and has a nice working environment.

What surprised me the most when I started to work for Action

When I heard that I had to work for 2 days in the store as part of my onboarding, I thought my colleagues were joking. But it gave me a really good perspective of how everything is going in the stores and what drives the company

Things I like best about my job

There is flexibility in the way of working. Everyone is able to give their input/feedback about optimizing the processes. The colleagues are nice and willing to help you out where needed. We have colleagues with different nationalities and backgrounds, which gives you the opportunity to learn from different cultures and share knowledge.  

My biggest challenge

My biggest challenge is improving processes to make everything efficient and understandable for everyone. We are now working on creating manuals for each process. One of my manuals was for the deposit bottles in Germany, which led to changing a few steps to improve the process.

What’s the culture like?

It is a very open organization, you can easily work together with colleagues from all departments. Everybody is ambitious and willing to improve processes. .

We are curious, can you tell us more about a typical day at work? And what is your main goal?

A typical day is where I analyze or clean up the GL accounts, I handle the questions about payroll or invoices for example or tasks in my mailboxes. I work on projects to improve processes.

What I love to do outside work

I love to work out, I have been doing Zumba for 13 years now. Before Action I always made long hours, now I can work out 3 times a week again. I like to travel as well, see new cultures. 

What do you advise future colleagues who are thinking of joining Action?

Action is a growing company with lots of opportunities to develop yourself by following various trainings. You can have a good work-life balance with Action and you get discount in the stores. 


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