I am still amazed with how many stores we are opening every year!

- Anouk Stam, Employee Financial Administration

Hi, can you introduce yourself?

I am Anouk Stam. I am 27 years old and I live in Obdam. I have studied Business Economics in Amsterdam and did my internship and thesis in Australia. In 2018 I moved back to the Netherlands and joined Action in the Bank & Treasury team in the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC). We manage the cash flows from and for all stores and we are responsible for all cash and bank payments and bookings.

Why did you decide to join Action?

I saw the vacancy online and the description about the job really appealed to me. The interviews and application procedures went quickly so that was nice. I was able to start soon and I’m still happy that I applied at the time.

What surprised me the most when I started to work for Action

When I just started I got a tour of the building. Where the head office is located, there is also one of Action's warehouses and I was surprised about how large it was. Action is now present in several countries and I am still amazed that it continues to grow so fast and how many stores we are opening every year! One of my tasks is to make sure there is start money when a new store opens.

Things I like best about working in Bank & Treasury?

I really like the responsibility of arranging everything and making sure that everything around processing payments goes well. We have many different payments, exceptions and currencies which makes the work very dynamic. I like to sort out PIN or cash differences and answering questions from other departments or stores. The responsibility is big as we do this for all stores, but I really like that!

What are your ambitions for the future at Action?

It's nice to see what other colleagues do in the FSSC departments so you can really get an idea of that is going on in this big department. But I am happy where I am at now and don’t have a clear path in mind.

How do you collaborate with colleagues in your work?

Before corona, we sat next to each other each day, so in the beginning it was kind of strange to start working remotely. Luckily, everything is well arranged and I have daily contact with many colleagues via Skype, Teams or e-mail. And we can go to the office again, so it is nice to see other colleagues live.

What is the culture like?

It's a big company but people matter and they really try to use everyone’s best skills. Everyone gets a chance.

I am most proud of

I didn't have much experience because I just got out of school and I had to learn a lot where may changes in the team back then. I am proud of being part of this team that gives me the chance to improve personally and professionally every day!

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