"It is a really rewarding feeling when you are in an Action store and observe customers buying your products.”

- Louisa Wascher, Junior Buyer Linen

Hi, can you introduce yourself?

I am Louisa, 32 and moved to the Netherlands two years ago. I mainly moved for my new challenge at Action as a Jr Buyer. I currently live in Amsterdam Noord and in my free time I enjoy long walks, gym time, visiting museums, city trips/sightseeing and exploring new bars & restaurants.

What is your function within Action?

I am a Junior Buyer for the category ‘Linen’ at Action. Our Team consists of our head of buying; Jochem and the team buying assistant; Froukje, and me. Linen includes: towels, bathmats, tea & kitchen towels, kitchen textiles, duvets, pillows, duvet cover sets, pillow cases, fitted sheets and flat sheets. I also buy a lot of table textiles such as placemats and tablecloths.

Linen is a relatively small category within Action with around 300 different SKUs (including seasonal/country specific assortment). I ensure that we have the right products and the right number of products on shelf in all stores. I determine buying volumes considering regular and promo sales.  Price negotiation is a big part of my work, as we always strive to achieve a great quality for little money. We continuously want our customers to be happy when using our products, so monitoring quality of my own items but also of the competition is essential.

I also enjoy being involved in the development of an item, by it specifications, colour, design or packaging.

Why did you decide to join Action?

I was looking for a new challenge to grow. Back then, Action existed in Germany, but it was not as well-known as nowadays. I only knew Action because I was regularly visiting the Netherlands. I absolutely love the concept of Action. I was also buying private label / price entry goods for a supermarket before. I believe: No matter if you are a regular discount shopper or not… everyone can find things at Action that will create a smile on your face, and that’s what makes my work at Action so relatable and attractive to me.

How did you experience the recruitment process?

My first contact was the HR recruiter, who gave me good guidance and realistic feedback throughout the whole recruiting process. The introduction parts were lively and warm. Action buyers have a lot of passion for their job and that translates well when they tell you about it.

The interview rounds were together with the head of buying and one HR representative. I had two rounds and found both of them interesting & challenging. Overall, the whole day was a great experience.

What makes the buying department within Action unique?

Action as a whole but also the buying department definitely has a very unique “hands on” work culture. We like to be practical, fast, simple, yet surprising & creative. We are a big company and of course decisions sometimes need to go through an approval process, but comparing it to my previous work experience, I can wholeheartedly say that we make decisions quickly!

You are given the space to make your own decision early on and you are certainly always welcome to give your input, ideas and opinion.

Because of our very diverse customer group, literally everyone, we also often involve our colleagues from buying department or even other departments in decisions regarding products. Sometimes it is the best to have input from many different people to find the best outcome!

Action is situated in Zwaagdijk what can you tell about the office?

I drive approx. 32 minutes by car from Amsterdam Noord and almost never have any traffic jam. We have an open office space. For a call/ video call I use our call lofts.

How do you see the growth opportunities within Action?

Generally, you have the best growth opportunity and chances at Action. Why? Because Action keeps growing and developing. Not only in size but also with every country & market we add to our portfolio, we also broaden our culture and horizon :)

What category are you working in and what do you like about it?

Linen is a category where we have achieved much in social responsibility and sustainability. We constantly aim to increase the BCI (sustainable) cotton percentage. But also other sustainable alternatives such as recycled polyester, cotton fibres and organic cotton are a topic for us. We also aim to make the packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Have you seen our Hotel Royal Jersey fitted sheets? They are roll-packed in a fabric bag. And that’s just one of many examples.

I buy what is commercially successful and decisions on assortments (colours, designs, sizes, quality) are based on that, but of course sometimes I can’t help myself and be a little bit extra excited when I see a new product in my favourite colour or designs. :)

What are you most proud of within your job?

I am proud when colleagues, friends or family tell me excitedly & happily what they bought at Action and especially when it happens to be something from my assortment! It is a really rewarding feeling when you are at an Action store and observe customer buying your products.

Are you ready for a challenge within our Buying department?

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