Legal in Action

Legal in Action

Are you a risk-averse legal professional who enjoys working in a stable environment? You can stop reading. Because at Action, something different happens every day and you get plenty of challenges in addition to solving legal problems. Plus, the fast growth of the Action family offers a lot of opportunity for your professional and personal growth.

Right where the action is

The legal department operates at the heart of the Action business. We focus on legal aspects revolving around four main activities:

  • real estate transactions, such as leasing store buildings and developing distribution centres
  • employment relationships and matters
  • product procurement
  • insurance

Our small team has a large impact. And if you have a flexible, open attitude, Action offers a whole lot to learn, in terms of legal and much more.

Future perspective

The dynamic nature of Action is reflected in your work as a legal professional and offers new challenges for the future. Our fast-growing company and increasing internationalisation expose us to an ever-richer range of legislation. Of course, we want Action to meet all legal requirements. Meanwhile, we also want to maintain our decisive no-nonsense culture. This means that our department has to think carefully about where our added value lies. As a legal professional, you must have the ambition to develop

Why Legal with Action?

  • Dynamic retail industry
  • Visible result of your work
  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • International working environment