Assistant store manager

You enjoy working at a store. But you also want to move up in the world and grow into a nice managerial role. You want to combine fun with success. As an assistant store manager with Action, you will find both!

Action = a versatile job

As an assistant store manager, you will work together with your team to make sure the store looks tidy. You set the right example on the floor, perform back-office tasks like scheduling staff, assessing applicants and customer service. As the store manager’s assistant, you support him or her in every possible way, and in their absence you bear final responsibility for your Action store.

Grow along with us

Action is one of the fastest growing non-food discounters in Europe. Great for us, and for you! Because we are constantly opening new stores, we are always looking for new store managers. And what candidates would be better suited than those who have already proven themselves as assistant store managers…?

In order to stimulate your development, our own Action Academy offers all kinds of training courses, e.g. in conversational techniques, performance assessments or scheduling & organising. This allows you to grow as rapidly as our organisation.

Here’s how Marc feels about his job:

“What’s great about this job is that you get to learn to manage under the wing of the store manager. And the Action Academy offers a helping hand as well. I worked in a clothing store for two years before joining Action, but that job got boring quickly. Here, every day is different and you learn a lot more. I hope to be managing my own store in a couple of years from now!”  

Are you ready for Action?

  • You have completed an MBO 3 education. 
  • You have at least two years’ worth of recent working experience in retail. 
  • You are available at least 32 hours a week on our stores’ business days. You work 4 or 5 days a week, with regular evening and weekend shifts. 
  • You have a down-to-earth, entrepreneurial, cost-conscious attitude and know how to motivate a team.