Marketing in Action

Marketing in Action

You can’t become Europe’s fastest-growing non-food discounter without a well-oiled marketing machine. Our Marketing division is responsible for building and looking after the interests of the Action brand as well as our millions of fans throughout Europe. Where can you identify opportunities for Action?

Action is what you’ll get

Action owes its tremendous growth partly to its successful marketing campaigns. This growth also makes our work incredibly dynamic. Every new country is a new market to tap into, to which we want to coordinate our marketing activities as closely as possible. Although Action does not have an online store it wishes to entice its customers to visit its stores through online advertising (Research Online, Purchase Offline). For this purpose, Action uses data from Google and Facebook that enables the effect of its promotional campaigns on physical store visits to be measured. In addition to this, there are countless projects in which you can make the difference for Action! 

Put your marketing skills into Action

Our Marketing division handles all of Action’s marketing communication. We do this in the following teams:

  • Promo: takes care of all printed brochures, flyers, posters and dtp.
  • Private Label: responsible for packaging and marketing our house brands.
  • Marketing & Communication: handles all general marketing and communication activities at Action.

This makes Marketing at Action so interesting

  • The dynamics of the retail sector
  • Work for 10 countries (and counting!)
  • Contribute directly to growth
  • Team of online and offline experts