Buying in Action

Buying has a responsibility for a product range of 6,000 items and that is quite the challenge. Changing 150 new products every week is a whole other ballgame. Our Buying department is working towards further optimising our product range on a daily basis, allowing us to make even more customers happy with fun products at very competitive prices.

The source of our success

A strong, commercial product range is very important to make customers happy, stay ahead of the competition and ensure continued growth. The Buying department is procurement-oriented, determining what articles will be introduced and setting their price. Of course, we also consider the quality, safety and appeal of our products.

As buyers, we have a lot of freedom to be entrepreneurial. Action has a strong no-nonsense culture which means we do not lose ourselves in endless meetings. We prefer to get things done. Proactivity and decisiveness are highly appreciated characteristics.

Where will your qualities fit best?

Our department consists of Buying, Direct Sourcing, Commercial Planning, Commercial Operations and Quality. We are always searching the market for new items to surprise our customers. We negotiate with suppliers, analyse revenues to find out what is selling and what isn’t, and create promotions such as weekly or seasonal discounts. We visit our stores on a regular basis (as well as those of our competitors) to maintain a good feel for what is going on. We have close collaborations with Supply Chain, Marketing and Legal.

Why Buying with Action

  • A large and diverse product range
  • A lot of freedom
  • A lot of growth opportunity
  • The source of our success

Colleagues’ perspective

Curious about the experiences of our Buying colleagues?